Astrology Remedies - Saturn Soap


Astrology Remedies – Saturn Soap


Astrology Remedial – Saturn Planet remedy

Saturn is karma and can cause havoc in people’s lives if not balanced. It is well known that Saturn’s day is Saturday and his color is black. Use this soap every Saturday and ask Saturn for his blessings. In India for thousands of years, we wear black and eat black lentils on Saturday and we also feed black dogs. Activated charcoal with coconut powder and extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil makes this a wholesome choice for cleansing and exfoliating.

Saturn In Astrology

It is important to note that Saturn is considered as a teacher who will punish the native for bad karma and reward the good deeds. It also bestows longevity and brings justice. A native with Shani or Saturn influence will have to work hard to earn the rewards.

When Saturn is placed in a difficult position in your birth chart, the person is likely to become self-centered and selfish. He will face lots of problems, enmity, loss, setbacks and suffering. Life will be hard, and the person has to struggle for each and everything. The influence of Saturn may appear limited or heavy. If Saturn is in harmony with other planets, then the synergistic effects of Saturn will give you beneficial results. If Saturn’s enemy planets collide with Saturn then there will be trouble. Each planet will give different results with the Shani combination.

Weak Saturn can give a terrible time in a native’s life. However, there are certain measures that can reduce the Saturn malefic effects.

One Of Our Easy Remedies For Saturn Soap.

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